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"I've been using your music for a podcast through Inspired Production Music and loving it. You're my go-to artist and always seem to have something that absolutely captures the mood of my pieces. Thank you!"

EC - Audio Producer

"I really love what you've done on that first pass. You've captured the essence of the film really well"

JS - Director


"I just wanted to drop you an email to say how happy and blown away I am by your score. It truly elevates the piece and is just perfect."

KT - Writer/Director

“You've done an amazing job, really lifting the visuals and atmosphere where it was truly missing… it really caresses out the emotion of the story without manipulating the audience.”

JP – Director


“Really lovely music!! …Her works are really exceptionally strong, extremely well composed, and particularly emotive. I genuinely love ‘In The Reading Rooms’, it is a truly beautiful & original piece of music.”

SA – BMI Senior Executive

“Janet Overfield’s original scoring creates a magical atmosphere giving both power and maturity to the production.”


“Every project we've ever undertaken has been dramatically different but, on each occasion, Janet's composition has not only been an essential element of telling our stories but has enhanced and improved our work. Whether working for live performance or on film, her music has added something invaluable – it touches our audience in a way that nothing but the very best composition can.”

PIT Theatre

"Janet has an instinctive understanding of music's ability to tell a story and how one can impart dramatic meaning in musical composition. As a result, she consistently creates music that is highly evocative and emotionally compelling"

ID – Composer

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