About me and my music


I'm a versatile composer with a background in drama & theatre. This has given me a keen instinct for character and narrative development, and how to infuse my music with multi-layered threads of environment, mood, pace and tension.

I've composed for theatre projects, short films, animation, web videos, and production music libraries. This variety in my work has allowed me to experiement with a wide range of genres, styles, arrangements and sound sources.

My production music tracks have been used all over the world and featured on most major UK TV channels. Notable placements include the World Snooker Championships 2020 (BBC2), Eurovision 2018, a Marmite advert, the ITV documentary 'Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile' and Channel 4's 'Time Team'.

Background and influence

Having studied drama as an undergraduate, I made the most of every opportunity I could find to compose music for the work that was being made in and around the university - musicals, radio plays, improvised Playback theatre, short films and lots of incidental music for stage.

After graduating I went on to do a MA in Music Production, specialising in film composition, and this background in theatre went on to infuse my composition with a strong sense of story, environment, pace and character.

My favourite thing is to explore the 'opposing tensions' in the pace, mood, or character's emotional state.

If you want a piece of music that is beautifully innocent with a hint of menace... or suggests a character's conflicting sense of both momentum and stagnation... or generally navigates the messiness and contours of the character's inner world - then this is what makes my music unique.

My qualifications include MA in Music Production (Composition) with distinction from Leeds College of Music, BA (Hons) in Drama from the University of Hull and grades in piano, singing, flute and music theory.

My Studio

I work from my home studio - a stone's throw from the glorious North Yorkshire coastline.  I compose using a sample libraries and whatever recorded natural sounds I can find that enhance the music. Whenever possible I work with other musicians to record selected instrumental parts.

I record and mix my tracks in Studio One. Files can be delivered in required formats and with a variety of edit lengths and stems to suit your project.

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