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About me and my music


I'm a versatile composer with a background in drama & theatre. This has given me a keen instinct for character and narrative development, and for incorporating subtle nuances of environment, mood, and tension.

I've composed for theatre projects, short films, animation, web videos, and production music libraries. A large part of my recent work has been as a musician for Playback Theatre - a form of improvised theatre that plays back audience members' stories.

My production music tracks have been used all over the world and featured on all major UK TV channels. 

I trained at Leeds Conservatoire (formerly Leeds College of Music) and The University of Hull.

My Studio

I work from my home studio, a stone's throw from the glorious North Yorkshire coast.  I compose using sample libraries, live musicians where possible and whatever recorded natural sounds I can find that enhance the music. 

I'm can deliver files, edit lengths, alternate versions and stems as required to suit your project.