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Compositions featured in...


BBC2   Turkey: Empire of Erdogan

BBC2   Gardener's World

ITV   Long Lost Family: What Happened Next

BBC1   Animal Park

C5   Killer At The Crime Scene

ITV   Tonight

E4   Married At First Sight Australia

C4   Living Wild: How To Change Your Life

C4   The Piano

C5   Secrets Of The Royal Palaces

C5   Casualty 24/7

BBC2   Inside Our Autistic Minds

BBC News   Five Things To Know About Nikki Haley

BBC1   Claimed and Shamed

BBC2   Surgeons: At The Edge Of Life

BBC2   This Farming Life

NBC   Today

ITV4   Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport

BBC1   We Are England


BBC2   I'm An Alcoholic: Inside Recovery

BBC News   Oath Keepers: Escaping My Father's Militia

BBC1   Panorama - Why Is Food So Expensive?

C4   Inside The Shein Machine: Untold

C4   Aldi's Next Big Thing

C4   Judi Love: Black, Female and Invisible

C4   Channel 4 News

BBC2   Gardeners' World

BBC1   Rip-Off Britain

BBC2   Villages By The Sea

NBC   Today

ITV1   Hotel Custody

BBC1   Panorama - The Energy Crisis: Who's Cashing In?

C4   My Second Hand Home

BBC1   We Are England

ITV1   Heathrow: London's Busiest Airport

C4   Celebrity Gogglebox

ITV1   Million Pound Pawn

BBC1   The One Show

C4   Best of Britain By The Sea

Sky Sports   Premier League Review

BBC2   Fergal Keane:  Living with PTSD

BBC1   A Believers Guide to... Living With Loss

BBC2   Panorama - Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Britain's Rape Crisis

BBC2   Snooker World Championship 2022

C4   Jeremy Kyle: Death on Daytime - promo

BBC1   Janet Devlin: Young, Female and Addicted

E4   Married At First Sight Australia

BBC2   Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond The Lobby

BBC2   AstraZeneca: A Vaccine for the World

ITV   Kate Garraway's Life Stories

BBC1   Jay Blades: Learning to Read at 51

BBC1   Countryfile

C5   Warship: Life At Sea

Eurosport   Winter Olympic Games


BBC1   Panorama - The Electric Car Revolution: Winners and Losers

BBC1   Remembrance Sunday - The Cenotaph

BBC2   Gardener's World

BBC2   Don't Exclude Me

BBC1   Panorama - Who's Protecting Our Kids?

ITV   Long Lost Family

BBC2   Newsnight

BBC1   Panorama - Princess Diana, Martin Bashir and the BBC

BBC1   Leigh-Ann: Race, Pop & Power

BBC2   Snooker World Championship 2021

BBC1   Click - Can Tech Turn Back Time?

C5   Murder In A Small Town

C5   Esther Rantzen: Living With Grief

C5   London's Greatest Bridges with Rob Bell

NBC   Today

PBS    Discovering New York Suffrage Stories


BBC2   Snooker World Championship 2020

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